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The Pax Stereo Indie Music Label
Before We Did Tv We Did Music

That's right. Before we did Internet television, we did indie music production and promotion, and even had our own indie label. Enjoy original music by the Pax Stereo Tv CEO, Mario Hemsley below.
The Hemsley Foster Project

Free Downloads From

We have set up an extensive collection of Free Downloads at Hey, we had Free Downloads before Radiohead! For real! Come on down and check out original music from our own indie label. Didn't know we had another side, did you?  :)

Maybe Today
Maybe Today by paxstereo

Believer by paxstereo

Listen He Calls
Listen He Calls by paxstereo

Funny by paxstereo

You See, I See
You See, I See by paxstereo

Now I See
Now I See by paxstereo

Never Give Up
Never Give Up by paxstereo

Journey by paxstereo

You Love, You Leave
You Love, You Leave by paxstereo

Find A Way
(To Save Love)
Find A Way (To Save Love) by paxstereo

Some Know Love
Some Know Love by paxstereo

Simply Silence
Simply Silence by paxstereo

Lovely Ride
Lovely Ride by paxstereo

Jazzamatazz by paxstereo

Cookie Jar
Cookie Jar by paxstereo


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Comment by Terrence Marquette Robinson on October 15, 2014 at 7:49pm

I \Remember!!!!! Still beautiful. Paxstereo  music is endless!!!

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