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How To Make Cactus Necklace

You can make a necklace that may be inspired of anything special! An interesting sample here is this cactus necklace that is comes with circular cactus necklace pendant purely made of polymer clay! Make the polymer clay ball and then flatten them up on a surface! Next cut out custom mini circles out of them and also the ovals from another color of the polymer clay personalized necklaces! Here the…See More
Nov 4
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Matching jewelry for couple

Personalized His and Hers Whale Tail NecklacesWhale tail necklaces are a great choice for a couple that loves the ocean. These pieces are fun and spell adventure for outdoorsy enthusiasts. Each one has a single turquoise bead to create a contrasting visual effect. Add your initials and surprise your better half with this gift bracelet for your girlfriend to showcase your…See More
Nov 2
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Jewelry for couple

Boyfriend and Girlfriend “I Love You, I Know” NecklacesLooking for funny couples necklace sets to spice things up? This pair is all you need and so much more. They feature a complementary pendant design with a dose of humor. They are a great choice for couples who have been there and done that. They sum everything up in my name necklace style and keep you smiling.Personalized Sound Waves Necklaces Boyfriend and…See More
Nov 1
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Oct 29
yuter zoey posted a blog post

Sterling Sliver Jewelry Chains

Beautiful jewelry has adorned the heads, necks, fingers, toes and arms of women throughout the ages; from the golden scarabs of Egyptian royalty to beaded cheap custom necklaces on the elongated necks of African tribal women, to the flapper chic dames of the roaring twenties back to the fairytale kingdom princesses with glittering crowns of gold and silver...women have always had a love affair with…See More
Oct 27
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Jun 3
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#TopFive Female #MusicVideos

The Wrap-Up Magazine enjoys to hear from fans about their favorite artist. From the best in music, lifestyle, and music video, we like to cover it all. Below you will find our list of most played female artist. Click any name or title below to see the artist full listing into our…See More
Apr 20

Spade Ghetto Destruction Live @ Club Lingerie

( theLZ (Local Zone) - Local Events, Showcases & Celebrity Happenings: Spade Ghetto Destruction Live at Club Lingerie in Hollywood, California. From the Pax Stereo Archive Series - Produced by Mario Hemsley. (1993) - GENRE: GHETTO METAL, METAL, ROCK, RAP - REVIEW: If you placed Ice-T, Living Colour, 24-7 Spyz, and Rage Against the Machine in a blender, the results might sound something like Spade Ghetto Destruction, whose self-titled debut album was among the most interesting rap-metal/alternative metal releases of 1994. SGD isn't the only all-black or mostly black band who has played metal -- headbangers should also be aware of Living Colour, 24-7 Spyz, Sound Barrier, and Mother's Finest. But while some of those outfits were influenced by hip-hop, they didn't specialize in rap-metal. And unlike SGD, '90s rap-metal combos such as Rage Against the Machine, Korn, Limp Bizkit, and (Hed)pe didn't have all-black lineups. One could compare SGD to Ice-T's Body Count, but even that band offers more singing than SGD. The thing SGD has in common with many of the artists listed above is a very sociopolitical outlook; the explosive songs on this CD take an angry look at racism, high unemployment, and other issues affecting inner-city neighborhoods. Lyrically, this South Central L.A. foursome covers a lot of the same ground as Ice-T and Ice Cube, but without getting into gangsta rap -- vocalist Byron Bell doesn't rap in the first person about thug life, but like Ice-T and Ice Cube, he gives listeners a sobering, ground-zero report on life in the hood. Regrettably, this out-of-print CD received very little attention, and it's also regrettable that SGD never recorded a second album. But the disc is well-worth searching out for those who like their rap-metal on the sociopolitical side. ~ Alex Henderson, All Music Guide


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