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Spade Ghetto Destruction Live @ Club Lingerie

( theLZ (Local Zone) - Local Events, Showcases & Celebrity Happenings: Spade Ghetto Destruction Live at Club Lingerie in Hollywood, California. From the Pax Stereo Archive Series - Produced by Mario Hemsley. (1993) - GENRE: GHETTO METAL, METAL, ROCK, RAP - REVIEW: If you placed Ice-T, Living Colour, 24-7 Spyz, and Rage Against the Machine in a blender, the results might sound something like Spade Ghetto Destruction, whose self-titled debut album was among the most interesting rap-metal/alternative metal releases of 1994. SGD isn't the only all-black or mostly black band who has played metal -- headbangers should also be aware of Living Colour, 24-7 Spyz, Sound Barrier, and Mother's Finest. But while some of those outfits were influenced by hip-hop, they didn't specialize in rap-metal. And unlike SGD, '90s rap-metal combos such as Rage Against the Machine, Korn, Limp Bizkit, and (Hed)pe didn't have all-black lineups. One could compare SGD to Ice-T's Body Count, but even that band offers more singing than SGD. The thing SGD has in common with many of the artists listed above is a very sociopolitical outlook; the explosive songs on this CD take an angry look at racism, high unemployment, and other issues affecting inner-city neighborhoods. Lyrically, this South Central L.A. foursome covers a lot of the same ground as Ice-T and Ice Cube, but without getting into gangsta rap -- vocalist Byron Bell doesn't rap in the first person about thug life, but like Ice-T and Ice Cube, he gives listeners a sobering, ground-zero report on life in the hood. Regrettably, this out-of-print CD received very little attention, and it's also regrettable that SGD never recorded a second album. But the disc is well-worth searching out for those who like their rap-metal on the sociopolitical side. ~ Alex Henderson, All Music Guide


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