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January 2014 Blog Posts (5)

The Prez On Marijuana's Growth Industry, Twerking Dogs, Putin Insults Gays (Again!)

( Morning Coffee with Mario Talk Show – While suffering in the almost 80 degree weather in winter Los Angeles, the crew take a moment to reflect on yesterday's NFL championship games and the craziness involved. Co-host Meko continues to wage her war as the local San Francisco Forty Niners representative with a level of passion that some…


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Twerking Turkeys, Micro Windmills Power Phones, Using A Dummy On A Subway To Hookup!

( Morning Coffee with Mario Talk Show – As temps approach 80 degrees in Los Angeles, Mario urges us to join him in his latest body rehab program and take to the streets.

Hot Newz Topics include plans for micro windmills that can power a smart phone, an urban ventriloquist uses a dummy on a New York subway to meet girls, and we look…


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Marijuana Surges On, Mario Rehabs His Body, Baby Rides Zoomba, & Tyler Perry's "Voodoo Doll From Hell"

( Morning Coffee with Mario Talk Show – Mario is beginning a new day of exercise and physical rehabilitation (i.e. exercising with pain) and needs our moral support, we take a look around the country at live weather cams without gloating (not), and "marijuana fever" appears to be taking the business community over. We also…


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Whole Chickens & Cheeseburgers In A Can=Good Eats! We're Adding Wearable Cams!

( Morning Coffee with Mario Talk Show – Guest host Meko Williams brings her sexy vibe to Morning Coffee but gets turned on by Mario's latest technological addition; wearable cams that stream directly to Facebook! Now... the shit is on! Folks have been inquiring about our pending FM application, but the real marvel is Meko's…


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Single Ladies Ask Club Nightlife, Online Dating, Sex Appetites, Video Games Or Me?

( Morning Coffee with Mario Talk Show –  Meko Williams sits in for Mario Hemsley as guest host for the Morning Coffee Show and her effect on the interactive live chat is something hot and special. Today's conversation revolves around Meko Williams' preference for the club nightlife as her dating source, but online dating is the rage, and some…


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