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You can make a necklace that may be inspired of anything special! An interesting sample here is this cactus necklace that is comes with circular cactus necklace pendant purely made of polymer clay! Make the polymer clay ball and then flatten them up on a surface! Next cut out custom mini circles out of them and also the ovals from another color of the polymer clay personalized necklaces! Here the oval shaped clay cut out wrap around the circular clay to make the cactuses which have further been topped up with extra mini ovals for complete look of cactus! Next add a round frame all around the cactus pendant using a clay strap and then add this pendant to necklace chain using a jewelry bail!

How To Make Faux Terrazzo Necklace:

Grace up your personality with this brilliant terrazzo necklace, this is the faux terrazzo personalized name necklace[click] that based on a smart and creative hack! Making this terrazzo necklace would really be a big fun and you can easily duplicate it without getting a big budget! A terrazzo necklace pendant, a hook and a necklace chain are the only components you need to duplicate this necklace!

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