Can Too Much Sexy Block Your Professional Success? Indie HipHop & TrippHop Showcase :)

( The Meko Williams Show (Recurring Video Series) - Featuring sexy Meko Williams in her unique two part weekly hourly show. Live Wednesdays @ 7:30 PM: Today's topic is up close and personal as Meko responds to questions about her attire and professional image. Do you think she is too sexy in her presentation? Can too much sexy block your professional success? Think about your own image, and try hard not to get personal. In Part 2 "Bump It Or Junk It" the focus is TrippHop and HipHop and  features the efforts of our favorite indies. Like we always say, the music is bumpin' and their is always candy for your eyes! Oh, and remember you can always (well, almost always) download the music FREE from (Recorded 11-30-14)

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